Mythbuster — The Manara lion watch.

Not many people who pass through the Ramallah Manara Square notice that one of the 4 lion statues surrounding it is wearing a wrist watch! Some of those who did notice, put several possible scenarios as to how this came to be: Image

“… a scaled-down model was sent to China with a decorative ribbon attached to the paw. The Chinese, baffled, assumed it was supposed to represent a watch and carved it accordingly.”

“… a computer expert was entrusted with generating a virtual 3-D model on compact disk to be sent to the Chinese. Aware of the city’s parlous finances, he introduced the watch as a “virus” into the program.”

It is symbolism for the future of Palestine

It is pointing to a specific direction .. like the markers in the Dan Brown Angels and Daemons thriller 🙂

and so on…


The fact is simply a joke! The Palestinian artist who sketched the lions jokingly drew the watch and later when the sketches were sent to China for execution, they were executed down to the smallest detail including the watch 🙂

— Jack Rabah


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