Trying to find a lost uncle…

“By 1924, there were approximately 200,000 Arab Americans living in the United States, many of them with origins in Palestine. They settled all over the country, often first peddling wares door-to-door before opening shops and businesses. They established companies, founded newspapers, created social clubs, and assimilated into American life while preserving aspects of Arab and Palestinian culture. Many proudly served the United States in the armed forces during the first and second world wars and in subsequent conflicts.”
Article from This Week in Palestine see link below:


To confirm this, the photo above is of my great uncle Musa Rabah on the left and Yacoub Hanania on the right surving in the U.S. Army during the first World War. I hear he died shortly after the war in USA although he was trying to get back to Ramallah. I was trying to see how I can find out more about this, but till now no luck… if anyone has a good suggestion please let me know!

— Jack Rabah


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