Singing Out of the Silence


Singing Out of the Silence was a CD we, Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers of Earlham College, recorded back in 1994. I would like to share with you parts of a thread one of the women who sang with us started on facebook. I wish for each one of you to experience what we did during those years…

Laurie Arnold So, after a tip from Wangden Kelsang, I am reuinited with the 1994 “Singing Out of the Silence,” recorded by the Earlham Concert Choir. It has been many, may years since I heard these recordings, and if you had asked me to imagine the solo voices in these pieces as anyone other than Kathy HatchScott Taylor , Marilyn Brown Robinson, Wangden Kelsang, Sho KawasakiJennifer Quick Jones, and, Kristi Foster, I could not have. I also recently found another choir’s recording of “Quicksand Years” and found myself disappointed not not hear David May‘s voice. It is a bittersweet time to recall, but to hear your–our voices–in their youthful prime is an intimate way of knowing that I have for no other group of people in my life. Scott Buquor, Meer Meera Collier-Mitchell, Drea Pedisich, Jack Rabah, Mike Dalrymple–believe it or not I can hear the sound of your voices as if it were yesterday. David May, I second your post. This album is beautiful, and I am proud to have been a part of it.

Meera Collier-Mitchell You choked me up, Laurie, with this post. I adore all of you more than you know.

Kathy Hatch These memories made me tear up, too…such a precious time in our lives, and to have our lives forever connected through friendship and through the process of making music together….well, nothing compares….so grateful for every moment we shared!!!! Xoxo

Chris Dennett Thank you for the memories Laurie. I often listen to that CD around the holidays because the music reminds me also of the east coast tour we did.

Wangden Kelsang Such good memories. One of my favorites from that term (and that CD) was the Mendelssohn—singing in a quartet with Scott Taylor, Kristi Foster, and Kathy Hatch. Hands down the most amazing quartet-singing experience of my life. I thought about it a lot when Kristi passed away

Jack Rabah I can say without hesitation that I have yet to experience again the buzz and warm feelings I got after we sang in practice or concert.. in Concert Choir .. in Madrigal Singers .. on tour .. in Vienna.. Those were the days! I’m happy that we are able to recall and share these moments together again .. even if it is virtually  I was shocked to hear about Kristi, but one day we’ll be all gone and the music will remain to enrich the lives of new generations. Love you all!

A special thanks to Dan Graves our teacher, conductor, and friend for all these wonderful memories.

1996 Earlham College Vienna Choral Program

Trip to Budapest, 1996 Earlham College Vienna Choral Program participants.

— Jack Rabah


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