My grandfather the Arab Matador

The city of Ramallah was established when Rashed Haddadin settled there after coming from the other side of the Jordan river (Jordan). He and his grandchildren’s families grew into the eight clans of Ramallah. Our clan is called the Abu Jaghab clan.

It is said that our great grandfather was going to water his bull at the spring. He was known to be a stubborn man, and when his bull refused to drink he was pissed. He took the bull by his horn and started pushing his head down towards the water while shouting: “ijghab” (drink) or I will break your horn!

Apparently he was more stubborn than the bull and he broke his horn. From that time on the name “Jaghab” stuck to us. Alternatively, the clan of the horn “dar abu karin” in Arabic is used to refer to our clan.

Nowadays when we are caught practicing any stubborn behaviors they say .. Well you are really from the clan of the horn 🙂

— Jack Rabah


3 thoughts on “My grandfather the Arab Matador

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  2. Hi,

    nteresting post as I was searching the origin of the name “Jarghab” and how it is pronounced and written in Arabic. I tried searching and didn’t find anything but I landed on your blog.

    Can you please tell me how the name his written in Arabic text? Thank you.

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