How does heritage evolve?

How does heritage evolve and develop? I think it is a mixture that stems from a deep understanding of one’s cultural heritage as well as having a creative vision on how to bring on new advances and forms. Watching the following video of Le Trio Joubran performing with the First Ramallah Group dance troupe at the Olympia Music Hall in Paris got me thinking, are we creating a new heritage for our grandchildren? Will it be remembered and appreciated by them as we appreciate the inheritance we received from our ancestors?

Besides the good music and the great enthusiasm of the dancers, something else tickled my senses and got me thinking of what made this performance so special. In my opinion, a number of elements contributed to this success: the refined and well rehearsed show, the beautiful yet simple stage setting, and the balanced mix between dance, music and poetry.

What more? How does a simple traditional tune became a show? The Dal’ona song, a well known simple tune that is part of our tradition in the Middle East was turned into a masterpiece. It reminded me of Franz Schubert lieder and how he turned small tunes like Die Forelle into elaborate works of music.

Congratulations to Le Trio Joubran on their 10th anniversary and to the First Ramallah Group for their Parisian show.

— Jack Rabah


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