Learning to learn

When I started my undergraduate degree in the USA back in 1992, I was set on majoring in Computer Science. I was in love, and still am, with computers and what you can do with them to advance our lives.

I was a freshman in and taking my first computer science class, the class was called: “Programming and Problem Solving,” and as early as my first year I realized that the important skills that I needed to pickup in order to succeed in this field were problem solving and learning how to learn!

At the incredible rate at which technology advances, it is impossible to make sure you graduate with a working knowledge in the latest computer systems or programming languages. However, you can graduate with the skills you need to pickup and learn the latest language in a few days.

Until today, I still feel that this is one of the most important things I learned.

Learning how to learn!

It really came in handy this weekend as I tried to learn how to use Windows 8 on my new laptop 🙂 Thank God the laptop comes with a touch screen otherwise I think it would have been a really annoying experience.

— Jack Rabah


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