A book I enjoyed: Ye Shall Bowl on Grass

Ye Shall Bowl on Grass

Ye Shall Bowl on Grass

A couple of days ago I finished reading Ye Shall Bowl on Grass, by Rafique Gangat. I had the pleasure of meeting Rafique around 6 years ago when he and his wife Maysoun were running RAM FM radio station which was broadcasting in English to both Palestinians and Israelis in an attempt to replicate the success radio and music had in bring people together in apartheid South Africa.

Last year, in my Innovation Management class at Birzeit University, Rafique was a frequent guest speaker. At the end we considered him part of the course and looked forward to the next time he will come to talk to us. His talks covered topics of innovation in communications, leadership and team work and were quite engaging. In his talks he told us some memorable stories from his book as an Indian South African growing under the apartheid regime and later on when he became South Africa’s first diplomat of color. His last post was South African ambassador to the Palestinian Authority here in Ramallah.

Although South Africa is no longer under the apartheid regime, the discrimination exercised there is sadly still happening in many parts of the world. Prejudice and hatred, even in the most developed counties, is still causing people to fall under the knife of discrimination for their race, religion, or simply the color of their skin.

For me it was interesting to draw parallels between Rafique’s stories and our life under occupation, as well as, corruption and crazy lust for power in a newly established authority. Simply the book was very insightful and I highly recommend it!

— Jack Rabah


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