Virtual Music… Interesting, but where is the buzz?

After listening to the performance of the virtual choir directed by Eric Whitacre, I was confused. From one side I enjoyed the performance and even felt an urge to join in and start clapping or making rain drop sounds, but from another side I was left high and dry 🙂

I believe that technology is doing a lot to bring us together and almost everyone is a skype call away, but when it comes to music and singing I am not sure it will cut it for me. Singing in a choir for me is a holistic experience and not just about sound. Feeling the vibrations, seeing my friends, looking into my conductor’s eyes, seeing his or her face expressions, and reading the body language of everyone there, even the audience, is all part of the choir singing experience.

Maybe I should trying singing in a virtual choice first, but I am kinda certain it won’t give me the buzz I’m looking for…

I know current technology, no matter how advanced, still has the delays which musicians can’t live with and can’t compensate for like Whitacre did in this piece. Can you imagine the Handel Messiah sung this way? I sure can’t! If you think otherwise, please share your thoughts below…

— Jack Rabah


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