This is how we do it!

I mentioned in my last blog how crazy last week was at work, but didn’t elaborate much on what kept me up so many nights. I work with an advertising and public relations agency called Al Nasher. Besides my core tasks as business development director, I enjoy planning and leading big projects to completion. Last week’s project was the exhibition design and implementation for Welfare Association‘s 30th Anniversary (#welfare30).

We had only 20 hours to install all the displays about Welfare’s 30 years of history, publications, success stories, films, photos, and an elaborate Palestinian spring area for visitors coming back to Palestine for the first time in so many years. After the celebration ended and everyone went home, we were back on site uninstalling everything and shipping parts of the displays to another location for a fund raising dinner taking place the next day. When we say to our clients that Al Nasher is a “We can do it!” team, we are not lying. I think I will stop my marketing pitch now, I just can’t help it 🙂

Here are some photos of the work we designed and installed for the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

— Jack Rabah


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