An inspiring morning in Jerusalem

Yesterday morning I went to have a business meeting in Jerusalem which turned into the most wonderful experience. I got to visit the Palestinian Heritage Museum of Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi Foundation. Truly an amazing, organized, and well curated museum. Add to that, the beauty of the old building itself and how it was extended very cleverly to allow for management spaces, and workshop areas. I will post a few photos from the items on display at the museum next time.

It felt very emotional being at this place especially on the day commemorating 65 years of Al-Nakba and occupation, especially if you know the story of how Dar Al-Tifel was established and how it directly connects to Al-Nakba:

“The idea of founding such an organization came to Ms. Hind Al-Husseini, right after the massacre of Deir Yassin, a small village located nearby Jerusalem, in the year 1948. The Israeli gangs invaded the village, demolished its houses and killed most of its residents.

Some managed to survive but were kicked out of their village to nearby places in Jerusalem. In between them were 55 children, whom the Israeli gangs killed their parents and relatives. They reached the Old City of Jerusalem and stayed near a wall between the Holy Sepulcher Church and Omar Mosque, feeling cold, discarded, sad and hungry.

It happened that Ms. Hind Al-Husseini was passing by from there, as she had to attend a meeting in the Old City. After knowing their story, she sheltered them in two small rooms in a small market in the Old City called “Souk Al-Hossor”.

Afterwards, she decided to form a society to take care of Palestinian orphan and needy children, under the name of Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi, in its recent location, as the number of these orphan and needy children increased day after day, due to the year 1948 war.” (Dar Al-Tifel website)

Furthermore, I encourage you to watch the movie Miral which has a great story and also documents how Dar Al Tifel was established.

Here are a few photos of the Museum and the surrounding scenes:

–Jack Rabah


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