Juma’a Mishimshieh

Literally, Juma’a Mishimshieh means an Apricot Week. Apricot fruits become ripe quickly and within a couple of weeks, if not eaten, they fall off and rot. So, people with apricot trees end up getting stomach pains trying to enjoy their apricots before they finish or fall off the trees.

This morning my daughter woke up with a stomach ache from eating too many apricots last night at her grandfather’s in Jifna. Jifna is most famous in Palestine for its apricot fruits. I’m not sure what factors are at play here, but Jifna apricots are the best.

So, back to the title of the post which is actually a proverb used in Palestine meaning you should take the opportunity while the window is still open, even though it may cause you stomach ache 🙂

Following are  a few Jifna apricot shots from yesterday:

— Jack Rabah


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