A little magic wouldn’t hurt …

I finally got around to reading Harry Potter book series. The books have been collecting dust on my shelf for a bit less than a year. Fortunately, during the month of Ramadan we have a reduced work schedule and we go home early. I’m taking this opportunity to get some reading done rather than watching boring TV series or facebooking 🙂

Besides enjoying the books immensely, I have been wondering what it would be like if we had magical powers and how we would use them. I can think of a few things 😉 On the other hands, how can we have a little magic in our life, even without magical powers?

I say, smile .. smile .. smile! No matter how grim things get, a little smile on your face makes you feel a bit warmer inside and has even a bigger effect on people around you.

Enjoy your day, and don’t forget to smile!

— Jack Rabah


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