Spring smell in the air…

A couple of weeks ago, and after a few days of rain, I was driving back home from my MBA class and I really didn’t feel like being inside. The weather was not too cold and it was mostly clear, only a few drops of rain every now and then. I stopped by home to pickup my camera and drove downhill towards Ein Qiniya, a village close to where I live in Ramallah.

Most of the early blossom that came out too early this year had withered due to the weird changes in the climate. We went from a snow storm to nice spring like weather and back to winter weather and heavy rain storms. Anyhow, walking around snapping some pictures here and there of trees, rocks, and flowers just made my day. I was so glad to have this hour to relax and get some fresh air.

Enjoy the pictures and give me your feedback!

— Jack Rabah

IMG_1712 IMG_1687 IMG_1684 IMG_1681 IMG_1675 IMG_1671 IMG_1669 IMG_1668 IMG_1651 IMG_1635 IMG_1634 IMG_1624 IMG_1622 IMG_1617 IMG_1615 IMG_1597


One thought on “Spring smell in the air…

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