Old and New Jerusalem

The old city of Jerusalem is a wonderful place to explore. I was in Jerusalem a few days ago and had a chance to walk around the old city for a couple of hours. This time of the year, the city is full of pilgrims who come from all parts of the world to celebrate the New Jerusalem; the resurrection of our Savior. So many nationalities, so many different emotions, and so many prayers filling the air.  Some who are clueless and just taking selfies under a chandelier or a crucifix, and some so deep in prayer and even crying! It was nearly impossible to get a turn to go into Jesus Christ’s tomb with all the tourists and with the little time I had, so I decided to celebrate the rising Christ with prayer for my loved ones, the living and the dead, and light a few candles.

Lighting candles at the Holy Sepulcher

Lighting candles at the Holy Sepulcher

The new place I visited this time was the Church of the Redeemer and the Russian St. Alexander Nevsky church just around the corner from the Holy Sepulcher. Here are some photos I took that day:

Holy Sepulcher

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Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

“In 1858, the Orthodox Palestine Society, a lay organization, purchased land for a Russian consulate and pilgrims hostel near the Holy Sepulcher. During construction, remains of what was thought to be the ‘Judgement Gate’ through which Jesus passed on his way to Golgotha, were discovered. The present church is built over these remains, and also incorporates part of the Herodian city wall, and vestiges of the pagan temple erected by Hadrian after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.” Source: Visit Holy Land

The Church contains beautiful works of art and icons including a portrayal of Jesus carrying the Cross by 19th century Russian painter Ilia Repine.


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Our Lady of Annunciation, Greek Catholic Melkite Patriarchate 

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From the streets of Old Jerusalem

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— Jack Rabah


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