Throughout her life, my grandmother produced hundreds of masterpieces of Palestinian authentic embroidery pieces. Functional and decorative and ranging from small napkins to dining table covers. However, what has become my favorite piece from all her works is an uncompleted piece that I found laying in the bottom of one of her drawers.


I remember as a child, and after her eye sight became weaker, transposing embroidery patterns for her on square grid paper. Everyday she would have some time set aside to work on her latest piece. My guess is that this piece is one of her latest works where she made a mistake in calculating how much space is needed for BLESS. I’m not sure why she didn’t attempt to correct it? However, with her needle still there I would guess it maybe her last piece.. which makes it so precious and so dear to me.

She was the blessing of our home and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her, her smile, and the blessings she brought into our lives. RIP Tata Badia’a.

–Jack Rabah


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